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List of civil services provided

Conversion wheeled vehicles (8x8) based on the APC-70

The machine is made on the basis of the APC -70, designed for use on highways, rough terrain and on water. An air conditioning system, a multimedia system, Micom Pathfinder type radio station (manufactured by Granit technology LLP) has been installed.

Conversion tracked vehicles

The machine is made on the basis of IFV-1 for operation in extreme and field conditions. It has a high passability. The base engine has been replaced with a KAMAZ 7403.

  • Production of parts from non-molded rubber products (thickness up to 16 mm), paronite (thickness 0.4-2.0 m), technical felt (thickness up to 16 mm), paper, cardboard (thickness 0.3-1.0mm)


  • Production of metal structures (argon, contact welding, semi-automatic welding, metal cutting with waterjet material (table dimensions 3708x2134 mm), bending of metal sheets up to 16 mm thick)

  • Repair of agricultural machinery (wheeled and tracked tractor equipment, trailers for agricultural machinery)

  • Repair of agricultural machinery (wheeled and tracked tractor equipment, trailers for agricultural machinery)

  • Turning and milling (the dimensions of the working surface of the milling machine table are 1600x400 mm, the largest diameter of the workpiece above the bed on the lathe is 400 mm, the largest length of the processed product on the lathe is 1000 mm)

  • Joinery (manufacture of wooden doors, windows, tables, chairs)

  • Rental of vehicles: trawl (platform length 7700 mm, platform width 3000 mm, load capacity 15 tons), NEFAZ urban bus (25 seats), PAZ-3205 bus (25 seats), front loader (bucket volume 1.8 m3, KAMAZ (dump truck 10 tons); manipulator(load capacity 600 kg - 5 tons); car lift (maximum lifting height 17m);

  • Dead end railway for 8 cars, equipped with a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons, TSW services

  • Sandblasting (maximum part size 1000x500);

  • Shot blasting (cleaning of metal surfaces from rust, plaque, scale, chamber size 10000x7000);

  • Industrial washing machine (HDS 8/18-4S high pressure unit, operating pressure 30-180 bar)

  • Painting of passenger cars, large and small parts (painting chamber with entrance gates 3x2.65 m, camera dimensions 6.9x3.9x2.7 m);

  • Powder coating, for obtaining polymer coatings with high protective properties (chamber dimensions 1.5x90x1.5 m);

  • Laboratory tests: spectral analysis of metal, flaw detection of welds (a test report is issued).

If you are interested, you can send a request to our Сommunity's email address: mail@se-btrz.com or call: Tel.: 8 (7222) 55-08-08 ext.142, 151

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